Starting a Watch Collection for Under $1000, Part 5

We get it-- being bit by the watch “bug” can be both exciting and overwhelming. Watch collecting may not seem like the most accessible hobby in the world (especially in the realm of mechanical watches), but with Orient Watch, starting a well-rounded collection doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This is our fifth installment on how we would start a fantastic mechanical watch collection for under $1000. And we’re not talking about just one watch; here are three mechanical pieces to get you started. Prices seen below are from our website without promo codes.

 Want to read back? Read parts one, two, three, and four.

Bambino Version 5 – In a starter collection, we like to cover all the bases. With its classic, antique-inspired styling the Bambino Version 5 would be the go-to watch for desk duty as well as all those special occasions. It comes in a modest size of just 40.5mm and would look great on any wrist. Available in Rose Gold, Gold and Stainless Steel. $185

Triton – Some say that a collection isn’t complete without at least one diver watch. And the Triton is one watch you can definitely take diving. It’s a JIS-compliant watch built for SCUBA diving and features a shock resistant and anti-magnetic casing structure. Topside it features bold hour markers and bright lume. This isn’t just a sport watch, it’s a bona fide adventure watch. $460

Helios - The mark of a truly good starter collection is versatility, and that’s one word we’d use to describe the Helios. It’s where modest styling meets bold color. Is it a classic watch? No. Is it a sport watch? No. It is the kind of watch you can just grab and go and the kind that will lend that extra pop of color to your outfit that day. Available in Green, Red/Brown, Blue, and Grey. $240

The total for this 3-piece collection comes in around $885, a whole $115 under budget. It’s a balanced collection that covers desk diving, SCUBA diving, and everything in between.

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