Starting a Watch Collection for Under $1000, Part 4

We get it-- being bit by the watch “bug” can be both exciting and overwhelming. Watch collecting may not seem like the most accessible hobby in the world (especially in the realm of mechanical watches), but with Orient Watch, starting a well-rounded collection doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This is our fourth installment on how we would start a fantastic mechanical watch collection for under $1000. And we’re not talking about just one watch; here are three to get you started. Read parts one, two, and three.

Mako USA II, in Blue – The casual sport watch that’s been a fan favorite for years. Two years ago we upgraded its features, and still we find that it is one of the most complete timepieces that we offer. It’s the one watch you can dress up or down with ease. $375

Bambino SS, in Beige – One of the newest Bambino releases of the year, and one that’s setting up to be an instant classic. We remixed the Bambino design to give it a vintage look, complete with Arabic numerals and a small-seconds register. It’s perfect for the office and those special occasions. $305

Defender, in Grey – It was popular then, and even after a brief hiatus from our US collection, it’s popular now. The Defender is our take on the quintessential modern field watch, one that you can rely on while enjoying the outdoors and/or off the grid. $250

The grand total for this startup collection is just $930, which is considerably under the $1000 budget. It really covers all the bases: from work to play and everything in between.

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