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Starting a Watch Collection for Under $1000

The Mako USA, in royal blue – It’s one of our flagship watches for a reason. We boosted the specs on this model, upgrading it with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, lasting lume, and sturdy solid end links to make it an unbeatable timepiece. And with its versatile, sporty feel, it can be worn anytime and anywhere, from lounging on the beach, to a trip to the grocery store, to being tucked under your favorite suit. $225

The Adventurer, in eggshell— This bold colorway makes it a perfect winter watch, and its functionality gives it the potential to become your go-to timepiece for the office, travel and beyond. It is built in a modern size of 43.5mm, and offers excellent readability in addition to being able to distinguish 24 time zones all at once. It’s a lot of watch, for very little. $535

The Symphony, in black – One of our top selling dress watches rounds out this starter set in a big way. While the Mako USA can be worn casually and the Adventurer is a larger, modern looking watch, the Symphony is the missing piece: it’s a classic black timepiece that wears a bit smaller on the wrist, in a shimmering stainless steel worthy of being worn during formal events, special occasions, and even business casual. $210

The grand total for all three of these watches? Only $970, which is $30 shy of our $1000 mark. Not bad for a starting collection!

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