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Starting a Watch Collection for Under $1,000, Part 7

We get it-- being bit by the watch “bug” can be both exciting and overwhelming. Watch collecting may not seem like the most accessible hobby in the world (especially in the realm of mechanical watches), but with Orient Watch, starting a well-rounded collection doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This is our sixth installment on how we would start a fantastic mechanical watch collection for under $1000. And we’re not talking about just one watch; here are three mechanical pieces to get you started. Prices seen below are from our website without promo codes.

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RA-AA0C in black, on leather – Every balanced collection needs that one casual, do-almost-anything kind of piece. It features modern looks that are legible, with bold numbers at the top and bottom along with fantastic luminescent coverage on the hour markers and hands. A brushed case will help conceal inevitable scratches, and a calfskin strap will ensure comfort on the wrist. $185

Contemporary Classic Version 5 in white, on bracelet – The first contemporary classic model to be offered on a stainless steel bracelet, and one that carries on the legacy of the collection through its signature domed crystal and domed dial. We love this model in particular because of its flat white dial and blue-hand accents. It’s the perfect watch for those dressier occasions. $230

M-Force AC0L, in blue – The M-Force recently returned, and while it is the priciest option in this 3-watch collection, it is the most robust and overbuilt. Because it is ISO-compliant in 3 disciplines, it truly is the do-anything kind of watch: the type that you’d take along on an adventure, whether topside or in the depths below. This blue gradient reference features a soft rubber strap for comfort and flexibility. $585

The total for this 3-piece collection totals the full $1000. We know that this series is supposed to be under $1,000, but this is a very well-rounded collection that spans the spectrum—a dress watch, an everyday watch, and the ultimate weekend watch, all equipped with different strap materials.

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