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The Orient Story

timeless craftsmanship for over 70 years

The Heart of Every Moving Moment

Since our inception, has been providing our customers the best access and service as the official online retailer of North America for the historical and world-renowned brand known as Orient Watch.*

Our mantra is to honor the traditions of Orient Watch,* while sharing how contemporary class, style, and meticulous Japanese timekeeping can be both exceptional and affordable. We are honored to share the passion and precision of Orient Watch's* deep historical lineage with North America, and invite you to join us on our journey.

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The Story of Orient Watches
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The Last of a Time

Inside nearly every product you've ever bought, there are hundreds of components that have crossed the oceans dozens of times before finally being assembled. This is not the case with Orient Watch.* One of the many differences that makes Orient Watch* unique is that every single mechanical movement is manufactured in-house. When you buy an ORIENT and ORIENT STAR watch, you know you are buying a timepiece that is crafted with the highest possible quality and precision standards using cutting-edge Japanese engineering, all at an affordable price.

Welcome to the Orient USA family. We look forward to making time.

About Us

For over 75 years, Orient Watch* has pursued a single mission:

To offer high-quality, attainable, and innovative timepieces with enduring style. When you wear an Orient Watch* timepiece, you make a bold statement that says you are the kind of person who appreciates craftsmanship, reliability, precision, and timeless beauty.

Each and every Orient Watch* is mechanically engineered and built in-house, ensuring precision quality and dependability. With 150 style-friendly options across our Classic, Contemporary, and Sports lines - as well as the luxurious and refined look of Orient Star - there is truly a watch for every occasion.

Every second of your life is an opportunity to create everlasting memories and milestones. An Orient Watch* on your wrist is a timeless icon that can share and enrich those "Moving Moments" along your journey.

A Look Back

The origin of the Orient Watch Company dates back to 1901 when Shogoro Yoshida opened 'Yoshida Watch Shop' in Ueno, Taito, Tokyo, Japan. In 1912, Yoshida expanded his business and began producing gold wristwatch cases. By 1920, 'Toyo Tokei Manufacturing was established as a table clock manufacturer.

In 1950, the company was incorporated under the name 'Tama Keiki Company,' mass-producing their first wristwatch called 'New Orient.' After its initial success, the company changed its name to 'Orient Watch' *in 1951. In that same year, Orient Watch debuted the 'ORIENT STAR,' and quickly gained notoriety among popular luxury watches.

By the 1970s, the Quartz Crisis brought many watchmakers to an impasse. While many raced to change their products to cheaply made battery-powered options, Orient Watch* held true to its global mission of creating a timepiece that outlasts all others. Today, Orient Watch* remains devoted to its core values and continues to perfect their craft of exquisite watchmaking.

Other Important Milestones in Orient Watch History

  1. The 'Dynamic' in 1957
  2. 'Calendar Auto Orient' in 1964 - Orient Watch's first diver watch
  3. 'Fineness' in 1967 - The thinnest automatic wristwatch with day and date calendar function in the world
  4. That proud tradition continues as Orient Watch* is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Seiko-Epson Corporation joining in Seiko- Epson's global mission to enrich communities and connect to people using precision technologies*.* is proud to be the official authorized North American retailer of this classic brand. Whether you need a dress watch, a dive watch, or just that classic timepiece that will last for generations, Orient Watch* has a perfect choice for you.