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PRESS RELEASE - Orient Star Vintage Skeleton Limited Edition

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ORIENT STAR “Vintage Skeleton Limited Edition”

ORIENT STAR is a series of quality automatic watches released at ORIENT’s 1950 founding and created under the theme of a shining star. Since its release, the series has been widely popular with quality-conscious consumers, with its simple design and timeless features.

The ORIENT STAR Vintage Skeleton Limited Edition, which ORIENT is releasing in the summer of 2013, features a hand-winding skeleton that commemorates ORIENT STAR’s entry into the global market. A limited number of 1,000 pcs. will be made available worldwide.

Twenty years after the 1992 Japanese market release of the skeleton model MON BIJOU, the new model revived the gold-colored movements and carries the cursive ORIENT STAR logo that was used in the 1950s, giving it a premier finish brimming with exclusivity. It features our own gold-colored movements, expressing the refined class of a craftsman’s technical excellence, graceful design and high quality, and the warmth of an automatic watch. The edgy case with a thin frame has a modern design, while the gold movements and the crocodile leather strap convey class and presence.

The power reserve indicator not only displays running time up to and over 50 hours, but also offer what only handwinding watches can offer – the joy of winding the spring. Together with a second hand halt mechanism, the watch incorporates world-class technology in both quality and performance specifications.

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