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Where do you Where your Watch?

Selling Stuff

Our friend Reggie is in sales, so every moment of time is precious.

Every minute not spent selling product or taking inventory, is a minute wasted.

So naturally it is very important for Reggie to have a reliable watch that can keep him on his toes.

Reggie's go-to watch is Orca.   Orca is part of Orient's Men's Diver line and includes a screwdown caseback, unidirectional bezel, and water resistance up to 100m.

Reggie doesn't do much deep-sea diving, but that doesn't stop him from wearing Orca.


"Orca has a classic look that gives the impression I paid high dollar for a designer watch.  I know a good value when I see one - Orca is a great value."

For when you're not deep-sea diving, Orca features a finished stainless steel bezel and luminous hands that complete its sharp look.  Day and date are also displayed on the face.

Check out the product page to view all of Orca's styles.



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