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Where do you wear your Orient Watch?


John is a law student planning to graduate in 2 years.  Right now he’s focusing on school, ways to gain summer employment, and being the most punctual, organized person he can be.

“There are a number of different styles I could choose for an everyday/interview watch.  A lot of guys like the big, bling-y ones.  But I need something simple; I don’t need to show off until I land a job after school!”

So he opts for the Charm, which is great for casual and formal apparel.  This watch has a classic timeless style. To make sure you're always in the right place at the right time, it also shows the day and has a wide calendar function.

The Charm is a mechanical watch with a stainless steel case. There are style options for both a leather or stainless steel band.  Check out Orient’s website for more colors and pricing!


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