What We're Wearing on the Wrist this Spring

AC00 Version 3 – We remixed the classic contemporary classic look to be more understated and contemporary, with clean lines and block hands. The shades of blue, grey, and white will complement your spring style with ease.

RA-AP00 Open Heart – If you took the original contemporary classic design and fitted it with an open heart display, this is what you’d get: an elaborate timepiece that shows off our entirely made-in-Japan mechanical movement.

AA02 USA II – Who said diver watches were only reserved for the summer? This upgraded version of the ever popular diver watch has all the bells, whistles, and design versatility to be worn all year long. It’s also one of the few diver watches out there that’s offered in white.

RA-AS00 Open Heart – The contemporary classic  wasn’t the only watch to receive the open heart treatment. The new RA-AS00 Open Heart fused the depth of design from the night and day collection with the timelessness of an open heart dial.

Orient Star Classic – An elevated, more sophisticated dress watch that built upon what the original contemporary classic had started. And at 38.5mm wide, it’s more in tune with what others would consider a “dress watch”, but to us it’s still an ode to the classic pieces from yesteryear.

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