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Water Resistance: What Does it Really Mean for Watches?

From powerful rainstorms to fresh powder on the slopes, the winter climate can bring a mixed bag during the season. And seeing as we’re nearing the dead of winter, here’s a breakdown of what certain levels of water-resistance actually means, both in general and specifically to our watches, as it relates to everyday use. And as always, a watch’s water resistance only works if the crown(s) of the watch are pushed or screwed in all the way.

30 meters (“Water Resistant”) – On many of our watches, you’ll find the words “Water Resistant” written on the dial. This refers to 30m of water resistance, and is commonly reserved for dress watches (like the Bambino) and delicate classic timepieces. The practical extent to this amount of water resistance is usually limited to light exposure to water, like washing your hands and rainy days.

50 meters – This is perhaps the most common specification in our watches, found in both executive (like the new Sun and Moon) and sport watches alike (like the Trooper and Ranger). Obviously, it can handle more frequent contact with water than a 30m watch can, including swimming and other water sports.

100 and 200 meters – This water resistance level is widely applied to sport watches and diver watches, such as the Mako USA II, and Ray II. More often than not, these watches are equipped with a screwed down crown to support their impermeability. Watches with 100m or 200m of water resistance that are not ISO 6425-compliant are perfect for skin diving, or any kind of diving that doesn’t require an air tank, like snorkeling. However, for watches like the M-Force collection that are in fact ISO 6425-compliant, SCUBA diving is definitely possible!

300 meters – Currently there is only one type of watch in our collection that bears the 300m designation: the Pro Saturation diver. Saturation diving involves the use of helium gas to descend to lower depths. The Pro Saturation diver has been tested to be proven effective and resilient by commercial divers worldwide. Learn more about saturation diving and the 300m Pro Saturation Diver here.

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