Watches every woman should own

Watches are an accessory, like shoes, right?  Well ladies, would you wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit?  We know better than that.  But would you wear the same watch with every outfit?  It might be easier to pull off than shoes, but to really complete your outfit, we suggest every woman own at least 3 styles of watches.

Coincidentally (or not), Orient carries every style you need to complete your accessory wardrobe.  Here is an overview of the 3 watch styles every woman should own.

The Dressy Watch


Pair this watch with your sexiest little black dress or your Sunday's best.  Orient's Crystal is a sleek stainless steel watch with a white face.  The face is adorned with small, tactfully placed crystals.  "Simple elegance" best describes Crystal, whose sharp lines create a clean look.





The Fun Watch


You'd wear this watch out to lunch with the girls or on a weekend shopping trip.  Heartbreaker is fun and flirty and can make jeans and a t-shirt look put-together.  This particular style comes with a fun red face inscribed with hearts.  The dial numbers are bold and curly.  This watch screams "I'm a girl."  Heartbreaker features a leather band and skeleton caseback.  This bold piece should be in every woman's jewelry box.



The Work Watch

Depending on your profession, you may not want to wear your sparkly or fun watch to work.  That's why you need Leader in your watch lineup.  Leader is a stainless steel watch that provides the date on the dial, perfect for remembering those work meetings and lunch dates.  Leader's style is very classic and doesn't draw too much attention, which may be your goal at work.  It's a very practical feminine watch, great for the 8-5 work day.

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