Watch Straps, Explained

So we’ve spoken about how to change your watch’s strap, how to adjust your metal strap, and even how to care for your watch bands. But here’s one thing we haven’t covered yet: a rundown of the straps themselves! And with summer just around the corner, you might want to consider a strap swap depending on what you have planned. And sorry in advance: we don’t have any tips on how to avoid the “watch tan”. In fact, we think it’s kind of a badge of honor.

Stainless Steel Bracelet – The summer standard. This comes equipped on a majority of our sport watches (think Kamasu and AA02 Diver) for good reason. If they’re made of 316L steel like ours, these bracelets are water resistant, corrosion resistant, and reliable at high temperatures. They are easy to clean and aren’t prone to soaking up or retaining any kind of sweat after a thorough rinse. They can be a little heavy on the wrist compared to other strap options, but some wearers prefer the heft.

Leather/Suede – Probably the most stylish of the bunch and an excellent choice for any event, both formal and casual. Leather and suede straps however are prone to absorbing sweat and water, and in the heat might feel a little uncomfortable. They are able to be cleaned, but sometimes some of that mustiness can linger.

Rubber – As you might have guessed, these were built for life on the water and are made from materials like silicone and polyurethane. They’re available on watches like the Kanno and M-Force AC0L and are as easy to clean as they are to put on. They’re incredibly water resistant, lightweight, and above all, super comfortable.

Nylon/Cloth – These popular straps feature a single loop through the spring bars of your watch. They are a casual, lightweight alternative that has been around since the 1970s. NATO and Perlon straps  are the two common styles. You can find them on our RA-AC0H pilot watch and the ever-popular RA-AK04 field watch.

Mesh – It’s technically a stainless steel bracelet, but the difference is that there are no links. You get all the same capabilities of the steel material, but with added comfort on the wrist. Additionally, they’re easier to size! On a watch like the RA-AC0E, you’ll find a simple sliding clasp system that allows for easy adjustment.


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