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Watch of the Week: UNE1007W SP

This week's watch comes from Orient's new SP collection. The UNE1007W displays a modern, yet sporty, look that features all the essential traits of a solid, affordable watch. Check it out.

What makes the UNE1007W SP special?

The UNE1007W SP contains an Orient quartz movement. This may be unexpected, considering Orient has a well-established line of mechanical watches featuring in-house manufactured movements. Though quartz is often overlooked by watch connoisseurs, quartz watches like the UNE1007W SP maintain a lot of qualities that many people prefer in a watch.

For instance, quartz watches are much lighter and sleeker than automatics, which adds to their comfort and wearability. Additionally, quartz watches tend to be a bit more accurate than automatics, and often require less maintenance and upkeep.

The UNE1007W quartz is especially special thanks to its stylish looks, easy-to-read dial, and quality materials.

What else is good about the UNE1007W SP?

The UNE1007W SP doesn't stop there. Check out its other essential features:

  • Stainless steel case
  • Genuine leather band
  • Date calendar
  • 50m water resistance

Additionally the UNE1007W features 3 luminous hands and hour increments.

Do you own the UNE1007W SP? What's your favorite feature of it? Reply below or write a review at Orient Watch USA.

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