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Watch of the Week: CFA05002B Journeyman

Traditionally,  the title of journeyman denoted a person who was highly educated in a skill or craft,  but not quite a master in their field. Yet,  it's difficult to look at Orient's CFA05002B Journeyman as anything less than a mastery of the craft of automatic watchmaking. Read on to take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind watch of the week.

What makes the CFA05002B special?

The Orient CFA05002B Journeyman features Orient Caliber 46K40 automatic movement,  scratch-resistant sapphire crystal,  and a look that is at once professional,  sporty,  and elegant. Few other watches can boast all that in a sentence.

Additionally,  the Journeyman wears a bidirectional stainless steel bezel,  offers world time telling convenience,  and a 40-hour power reserve indicator,  so you'll never lose track of time no matter where you go.

What else is good about the CFA05002B?

The CFA05002B Journeyman wouldn't be a complete masterpiece without the basic essentials,  including:

Water resistance

Safely travel around the world and into the sea with the CFA05002B. This watch can withstand depths up to 100m.


The CFA05002B is enclosed in a stainless steel case and surrounded by a stainless steel chain link band. In addition to being durable,  stainless steel remains sleek,  classic,  and easy to clean and care for.


Every Orient watch comes with a 1-year guarantee from Orient Watch USA,  and the CFA05002B is no different. Because of this,  you can buy and wear your watch with confidence.

What are people saying about the CFA05002B?

So now that you know more about what makes the CFA05002B an example of watchmaking mastery,  see what other people are saying about this watch.

"Tough watch that sits very well on my thin wrist. Looks new after months of heavy international travel. I've received quite a few compliments..."

-Amazon.com review

"The Orient CFA05002b can be worn anytime and is great for travel as it can keep time in two time zones without having to be reset."

-Orientwatchusa.com review

"One of the best watches I have seen from Orient to date."

-Orientalwatchsite.com review

Want to learn more about this great watch? Read a full review of Orient's CFA05002B Journeyman.


What are your thoughts on the CFA05002B Journeyman watch of the week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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