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Watch 101: All About Watch Magnetism

Magnetic fields can be found all around us, though usually not in any noticeable way. Today we’re answering some questions we receive frequently: how does a watch get magnetized so easily, how does magnetization affect watches, and what can be done to reverse its affects?

Watches can be adversely affected by magnetism which results in swiftly gaining or losing lots of time. Most household electronics, such as smart phones, speakers, and laptops have magnets in them which can possibly magnetize your watch. It’s as simple as setting your watch next to a tablet that has a magnetic case. As such, it is important not to leave a watch close to magnetic objects for a long time.

If you work in an environment that involves frequent magnetic fields, you may want to consider wearing a watch with anti-magnetic properties. For example, our M-Force AC0L watch is ISO-compliant for anti-magnetism (along with diving and shock-resistance). Other watches have been designed to feature a soft iron casing around the movement for protection.

If your watch is magnetized, the solution can be relatively quick and easy. You can either have a professional watchmaker attend to the issue (for example, sending your Orient watch to our authorized service center) or attempt to fix your watch yourself. If you’re reluctant to send your watch to a service station, we’ve seen others use demagnetizing tools that can be found at online marketplaces. The purpose of a demagnetizing tool is to use a magnetic pulse or field to reverse the effects of your watch’s magnetism. While there are a few different kinds available, we’ve seen higher success with those that are plugged into a wall socket as opposed to battery-operated. This is just one example of the many tools found on the internet that seemingly work for our customers. These products come with instructions and tutorials can be found on the web.

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