Top Five Back to School Watches Under $300

What’s going to be on your wrist this school year? A watch is a great tool to keep track of time, whether it helps you get to class on time, or spruces up your outfit. A sleek, reliable watch doesn’t have to break the bank: here’s our top five back to school watches, at under $300. (From left to right)

The EM65 USA, in jet black – The do-it-all timepiece that’ll withstand the parties as well as all-nighters. T

he Pilot's Watch, in blue – The easy-to-read casual sport watch with an eye-catching blue twist.

The Surveyor, in red – A modern watch with a textured dial, sapphire crystal, and plenty of flair. Sometimes, three hands and a date is all you need.

The ER24 Version 3, in stark white – A simple but refined watch that’s fit for everyday wear—from the classroom to the internship. Many say that this is a must-have.

The Producer, in white – An art deco square watch for those looking for something a little different. We love the subtle pinstriping, and the blue hands really pop out. Bonus options – These may not fall under $300, but are fantastic back to school choices in their own right

The Curator, in slate – Talk about a classy look— a grey dial isn’t very common nowadays. Can be worn with pretty much anything.

The Golden Eye, in black – A truly unique, reliable timepiece that doubles as a solid conversation starter.

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