Our Top 5 Summer Watches for 2016

AA02 USA II – As an updated version of our all-time favorite, do-everything kind of watch, it’s a no-brainer to be one of our top choices for the summer. An elevated automatic, hand-winding, and hacking movement allows for greater technical versatility, while a refined diver design keeps you looking sharp in the sun and surf. $375

Ranger – The quintessential sport piece for those looking for a watch that’s incredibly simple and does what it’s supposed to do: tell the time accurately and clearly. At just 42mm, the Ranger is a modest-sized watch that should shine on any wrist. It also all doesn’t hurt that it’s been equipped with a sapphire crystal, solid end links, and drilled lug holes for quick strap changes. $305

Trooper – A sibling to the Ranger above, it features a very similar design with the addition of a few bells and whistles. The Trooper lists the day, date, and 24-hour time, which should come in handy for those who are constantly on the move. It also is bolstered by a sapphire crystal and solid end links, making it built to last for years to come. $305

M-Force Bravo – It seems like every year brings a new addition to the M-Force collection, and the M-Force Bravo is unlike any watch we’ve ever seen. The splash of color paints them as a fun and quirky bunch, and easily distinguishes itself from the rest of the collection. However, unique and lively colors do not prevent it from being an M-Force: don’t forget that they’re ISO-compliant for diving, anti-shock, and anti-magnetism. $885

2nd Generation Symphony – While perhaps not ideal for those blazing hot summer days, the new 2nd Generation Symphony is our top pick for those cool summer nights. It now sports a highly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, resulting in a watch that’ll consistently look fresh. Whether by the beach, or at the bar (or both), you’ll be good to go. $280

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