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Three's Company: Here's the New Sentry Collection!

Our so-called “summer trio” was a set of three new watch collections that looked aesthetically similar, but all featured a distinct set of complications. This week we’re rounding out our summer trio with the Sentry.

While the Ranger and the Trooper models were very sporty in look and feel, the Sentry adopts a classic-inspired motif. Compared to its other two siblings, Sentry is handsome and classy, in a Stefan Urquelle kind of way. This is confirmed by the fact that it is the only model of the three that has a sunburst dial, and a rich concentric design that runs through each hour marker. This is a blatant contrast to the matte finish and embossed design on the Ranger and Trooper. Roman numerals have also been added at the twelve and six, and each hour marker features a center strip of polished metal for added opulence.

To fit the classic-inspired styling, the Sentry comes in at a slightly smaller 41mm case. Instead of a gnarled crown, a simple, slender crown was used. The dial is covered by a scratch resistant sapphire crown, and the case back is also exhibition style. The Sentry clearly seems like the most poised design of the bunch, and is available in black, white, and navy.

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