The Trooper Collection is Here!

Following last week’s release of the Ranger, the Trooper is yet another robust summer sport watch option. While it may appear to borrow the same design as the Ranger before it, it further demonstrates the wide array of mechanical calibers that Orient Watch has under its belt, with over forty developed since 1950.

At first glance, the Trooper looks very similar to the Ranger, however the real differences lie below the crystal—we’re talking about the dial and the movement. The dial features unique indentation between hour markers, a defining characteristic of our summer sport. While the Ranger featured a day and date function, the Trooper adds a 24-hour sub-dial in addition to those two essential features, afforded by the caliber 46B45 that happens to power the watch. What’s the advantage of having a 24-hour sub-dial? It’s a great tool for distinguishing night and day, and an even greater tool for setting the appropriate date and time in the case you don’t plan to wear it daily.

It’s clearly apparent that the Trooper borrows its design from the Ranger, and again is housed in an identical 42mm polished stainless steel case that carries a more than capable 50m of water resistance. The watch is bolstered by a tough sapphire crystal and solid end links. The lugs on the watch are drilled on each side which comes in handy for strap swapping on the go. Available in four colorways, including grey, red, black, and white.

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