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The Third ER24 is here: Presenting the ER24 Version 3!

Following the success and praise of the last two iterations of the ER24, we present the version 3. A fresh new take on the collection with new design elements and notable changes, it is a thoughtful rendition that is worthy of the famed ER24  lineage. What sets the ER24 Version 3 apart from the rest of the collection is its modern design. Roman numerals and dauphine hands have been replaced with clear, distinct lines and block hands. Like its predecessors the hour hand is curved downwards to work in unison with the domed dial. What we love about this new ER24 collection are the absolutely beautiful colors, which are Graphite Grey, Jet Black, Royal Blue, and Stark White. The addition of blue and grey dials are a first for the ER24, and really speak to the contemporary feel, which many would consider to be on the other side of the spectrum in comparison to the first two versions. Apart from dial design changes, the new ER24 was built in the same silhouette, complete with the signature domed crystal and polished case. It still measures at a modest 40.5mm and features an Orient-engraved crown. Instead of coming with the classic glossy croc-stamped leather strap, matte black and brown leather straps were chosen to accompany this version. The matte texture of these straps really highlights the beauty in the dial and the light reflection of the stainless steel hands. The ER24  Version 3 features many modern design aspects without deviating from the distinguished look that sparked its popularity. It’s a great alternative to the classic motif that we’re used to and stands alone as a perfect contemporary timepiece that will look handsome in any kind of setting.

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