The Summer Watch: The ER23 Surveyor Collection (Now on Sale!)

_DSC1894 - CopyThe Orient Surveyor collection (ER23) is the perfect summer watch. Aside from its nifty date and sapphire crystal, the stainless steel bracelet is impervious to sweat. Promotion ends 7/13/2014. It's time to develop your watch tan!

The Orient Surveyor ER23 is one of the most recent additions to the Orient Line up of automatic watches and quickly became a fan favorite, and its easy to see why. As a modern watch, it takes inspiration from the past which still injecting in intriguing design. Available in four different references (FER23002D0, FER23003H0, FER23004W0, FER23003B0) each Surveyor satisfies a different niche.

The dial of the Surveyor is the focal point of the watch and is what truly stands out. It is a polished checkered patterned dial available in black, white, red and blue. Black, blue and white are the most traditional of the dial choices, but with the addition of the pattern, the dial has a new flavor. This polished checkered pattern gives the white dial a silvery effect, which catches the light in the most interesting ways. White dial are already a more casual option compared to other dial colors, which this pattern further emphasizes the casual sport watch look, especially when it mounted to a brushed stainless steel bracelet (more on that later). This white contrasts perfectly with the black inner bezel ring which denotes the minutes/seconds. Without question, the black version has the most traditional look to it, it’s a very sober design, but when examined closely the checkered pattern becomes visible, for a very delightful surprise that adds depth to the timepiece. By far the most bold dial choice is the red color. A perfect option for a modern watch, red dials aren’t often seen. Red adds a daring look for the watch that stands out and requires attention. The final dial option is a navy blue that has been paired to a black IP coated stainless steel case with black leather strap (more on the case and strap later). Contrasting polished fencepost hands have been used on the Surveyor. Silver stainless steel appear on the black, blue and red dial variations while black stainless steel appear on the white dial variation. This creates a great contrast against the dial and intuitively makes sense. Under the dial is the highly regarded ORIENT in house caliber 48743 movement featuring the date window at the 3 o’clock position. Lume has been applied to hour and minute hands along with all the bar indices making the watch ready for evening wearing. Importantly, protecting the dial is a highly scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

Along with the different dial options, this timepiece is offered on silver stainless steel case or a black IP coated stainless steel case, both 42mm in diameter, 11.2mm thick and features a 50m depth rating. The black, white and red dials appear in the silver stainless steel, and the blue dial appears in the black IP coated version. These cases use a combination of both brushed and polished finishes. The sides of the case are highly polished along with the beveled bezel, the tops of the lugs and top edge of the case have a brushed finish. This combination of brushed and polished finishes catches and reflects light in intriguing ways, a great partner to the dial. The brushed finish on the top of the lugs blends in perfectly into the brushed 3-link stainless steel bracelet, which also has polished sides, a great continuation of style created in the watch’s case. With a 24mm lug width, the Surveyor has a sturdy presence on the wrist, especially for a 42mm case size. The stainless steel bracelet gives the watch a greater casual and classic sporty feel while wearing.

Mounted to the black IP coated version is a matte black leather band. A very fitting choice that stylishly matches. The leather band is quite thick, yet very plush and pliable. Immediately the leather band conforms to the wrist. The typically round holes for the buckle have been changed to slots cut into the the band, a lovely modern touch, along with the squared off end to the strap. Even in the little places, Orient has great design follow through. Lastly, the buckle has a matching black IP coating.

The models of the ER23 Surveyor collection are priced at $285 on bracelet and $270 on leather.[gallery columns="4" ids="3664,3663,3662,3661"]


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