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The Return of an Original: The SK Diver Retro


A few years ago we introduced a line up of brand new movements: movements that weren’t just automatic, but also hand-winding and hacking. These upgraded movements brought forth new models such as the AA02 and the 2nd Generation AC00. While we’re still in the process of upgrading our recent models, today we’re announcing something a little different. This time it’s a reissue of a far back classic, and one that has been a longstanding part of the Orient pedigree. The SK Diver has returned as the SK Diver Retro.

It is important to note that there were several SK Diver models released in the 1970s. The model that has been reissued is the original model number “469135A”. Its design was very indicative of the ‘70s: from the modular shape and how it conformed to the “roundness” of the case to the four nailed pins on the bezel. The watch featured an inner rotating bezel which was operated by a crown at the four o’clock position. Naturally, the watch was defined by the “SK” emblem on the dial, which, contrary to popular belief stood for “Super King” and not “Sea King”.

We’re proud to announce that this reissue of the SK Diver is exactly that: a reissue. While this model was first released in the early 1970s, it was actually reissued for the European market about ten years ago. This re-release marks the first time it is available worldwide. The watch has been reproduced to be as close to the original as possible, including the case, the tapered bracelet, and even the studded hour markers. It measures at the same 41.7mm across, which in the ’70s was a bit large. The dial displays the original text, except that it reads “22 Jewels” instead of “21 Jewels”. That’s because the movement has been upgraded to our caliber F6922, the same mechanical movement that powers the Kano and Kamasu.

The SK Diver Retro is being released in three colorways straight from the 1970s: champagne, red, and blue.


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