The Retro Future Camera, Reissued

Since July 13th, 1950, Orient Watch has produced countless models such as the original Orient Star, the Royal Orient, the M-Force series, and so on. With this year marking the 70th Anniversary of Orient Watch, it’s the perfect time to unveil yet another reissue: the Retro Future Camera. As part of the “Revival Collection” that celebrates Orient’s seven decades of quality timepieces, the Retro Future Camera introduces modern features to the original Orient Star Retro Future Camera that was released over a decade ago in 2005. This updated model blends the classic look of 1950’s rangefinder cameras with the timeless quality of a mechanical watch, resulting in something truly unique.

Combining creativity, nostalgia, and a playful spirit, the Retro Future Camera is for those looking for an impressive, one-of-a-kind design that can be worn with pride for years to come. The watch manages to strike an easy balance between mid-century aesthetic and cutting-edge modernity with its design. The bezel mimics an aperture ring while the dial is inspired by the aperture blades of a camera’s lens. The crown and crown guard are reminiscent of a winding lever while the semi-skeleton case back simulates a viewfinder through which you can view the inner workings of the watch. The caliber F6S22 is 24-jeweled and is capable of both hacking and hand-winding.

The case for this model measures at just 40.8mm across and 12.6mm thick. In addition to a black dial option with a stainless steel bracelet, there are two models that are available with a pull-through leather strap that resembles a leather case covering the body of a camera. These two models have matte dark grey finished cases and are available in earthy toned dials such as a deep forest green and an umber brown. In true 70th Anniversary fashion, a limited gold gradient model has been created. Each piece is individually numbered and is limited to just 2,300 pieces worldwide.

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