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The RA-AC00 Version 5 has Arrived!

As evidenced by our releases earlier in the year, the Contemporary Classic collection is an ever-growing collection, translated into different designs that range from antique-inspired to contemporary and modern. Following the new RA-AP-00 Small Seconds and Open Heart is the RA-AC00 Version 5, another interpretation of the initial design built within the famous silhouette that we all know and love.

As with any new iteration of the Contemporary Classic, the design of the dial is really what truly sets it apart from the rest of the family. The Version 5 sports glossy Arabic numerals that are printed and hands that match that shine. The hands themselves are distinct from all other models—they are curved, leaf-shaped and a far cry from the standard dauphine hands that have told the time for years. It is important to note that the dial features a light sunburst effect, which is just enough to make it shine and but full illuminate in the light.

The RA-AC00 Version 5 is presented in identical dimensions as those that came before it: 40.5mm wide and with a domed crystal and dial. The case back is also exhibition-style, fully displaying the caliber F6724, an automatic, mechanical and hand-winding movement.

Note that the RA-AC00 Version 5 will be released in two drops—in late September and in October.

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