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The Pocket Watch Worth Wearing: Say Hello to the New Epoch

Without the pocket watch, we may have never had the wrist watch. The pocket watch was initially developed in the early 1500s, popularized during World War I, and became synonymous with train conductors and the common gentleman shortly after. They were normally characterized by being hand-wound, attached to a chain, and either open faced or protected by a cover. To some, the pocket watch symbolizes antiquity, novelty, and an allusion to a simpler time. Which is why we’re excited to introduce our newest pocket watch, the Epoch, Orient’s interpretation of the classic pocket watch.

The first noticeable feature on the Epoch pocket watch is its ornate dial, especially with its guilloche-styled finish that provides a massive amount of detail and complexity. Second would probably its bold, black roman numeral detailing, along with a gloss hand set that really play up the classic look. At the nine o’clock position is a power reserve indicator, which not only acts like a power gauge, but should actually help make sure that you don’t overwind the watch!

The Epoch is built within a modest 40mm case, and is powered by the Orient caliber 48C40 movement, the same movement used in the Monarch collection. Since there isn’t a protective cover on this pocket watch, a scratch resistant sapphire crystal was used to safeguard the dial. While exhibition case backs weren’t very common among pocket watches in earlier eras, the case back of the Epoch allows a full view of the decorated mechanical movement. The chain that’s attached to the watch is a Cuban link chain, judging from like link pattern and style. The chain is detachable on one end and features a lobster clasp on the other, which will be able to latch on to any kind of loop.

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