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The Orient Watch USA Holiday Gift Guide, 2015

The holiday shopping season can definitely be stressful for some. While everyone has that person on their list that’s super difficult to shop for, we hope we can make things a bit easier with our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve provided recommendations based on price and have given a few descriptions and comments about each watch we’ve chosen. So whether its for your brother or brother-in-law, we have it all covered. Also, don’t forget about our Holiday Sale, which will help you shave 40% off your order with code HLDY2015! Ends December 24, 2015. Full details on the sale here.

$250 and Under – A collection of great gifts that won’t break the bank

  $250 and Under - Copy The Capital, Version 2 – The newer version of the popular Capital watch is adorned with a vintage look and feel. It’s a great option for someone who’s constantly at the office, and wants an appropriate timepiece that’s near weightless without sacrificing utility and genuinely classic aesthetic. Starting at $175

The SoMa – We consider the SoMa watch to be perfect for both him and her. It’s one of our slimmer mechanical watches, and will look great on anyone’s wrist, big or small. It comes in a variety of colorways, including steel, gold and rose. Starting at $175

The EM65 USA – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: this is the everyman’s watch. We took the famous, original EM65, and we made it better and more resilient. If there’s one watch that we would recommend for anyone, this would be it. $225

The field watch– The field watch initially gained a large following because of its no frills, military-inspired field watch look. Although it is stacked with nifty features, it has a clean design that’s ideal for a night on the town. $250

The Marshall – The Marshall has no shortage of color, as it is available in satin black, pearl white, forest green, marine blue and deep red. It epitomizes the casual sport watch and is all-too ready for an urban adventure. $250

Under $500 – A set of watches that punch way above their weight class

Under $500 - Copy The Curator – For the dapper dresser, the Curator would be a welcome addition to any wardrobe. The watch blends function, form, and robust features into a design that’s not overbearing or too ornate. It’s a lot of watch, period. $415

AK00 Version 3 – This third rendition of this watch takes the cake, and really proves how good Orient Watch is at creating a mesmerizing blue dial. It’s definitely a conversation piece, and fit for the young executive looking to elevate his or her wardrobe. $415

The Monarch – One of the most handsome watches in our catalog by far, the Monarch isn’t even an automatic watch. It is powered by turning the crown, which could be seen as a tribute to the vintage watches of yesteryear; a great tie-in to the antique, retro styling of the dial and case. Starting at $335

The ER24– No gift guide is complete without the ER24 watch, a legend in its own right. Considered to be the older brother to the Capital collection, the mechanical ER24 is defined by its domed crystal and timeless design. Starting at $260

The Disk – The Disk presents time in a completely different way. Instead of an hour hand, it has a triangular cut out that rotates and changes color. It’s simply one of the most unique timepieces in our entire collection and would make a perfect gift for someone appreciates art and color. $340

$500 and Above – Perhaps you want to splurge on someone… or its “treat yo self” day.

Above $500 - Copy The Orient Star Classic – This ER24-inspired, ‘50s styled watch is packed with significantly more features, such as a power reserve indicator, incredible finishing, and a higher-grade mechanical movement. Orient Star is Orient’s premium collection in the US, and the Classic is genuine proof. Starting at $640

The Pro Saturation Diver – Our top of the line, professional diver model isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a masculine, overbuilt watch that’s been used on recreational and commercial deep dives worldwide. And it comes in a unique color: Red. $2,495

The Adventurer – For both the businessman and the globetrotter, the Adventurer may be the answer. It’s a world time watch, and after being set correctly it will display the time in over 20 time zones, all at once. It also looks like it belongs in first class. Starting at $535

The M-Force Air Diver – The M-Force series has been known for being some of the most rugged, robust mechanical watches on the market. They’re water resistant up to 200m, shock absorbant, and have anti-magnetic capabilities. It’s among the ultimate gifts for the outdoorsman and the daredevil. $560

The Orient Star Open Heart – What’s an open heart window? It’s a feature that allows the wearer to observe the (literal) heart of the mechanical movement pulsate. We think it’s a great timepiece for the engineer or tinkerer. Starting at $770

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