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Down to the Details: The Open Heart

It’s no secret that Orient’s collection of open heart watches is one of the largest in the industry. It allows us to show off our robust, Japan-made mechanical calibers beyond the usual exhibition case back, and is a surefire conversation starter. But what's actually being displayed?

Open heart designs, like that of the RA-AG00 Open Heart, showcase the swinging balance wheel and hairspring of a mechanical movement. However, if you look closer, you may also see the pivot of the pallet lever along with the escapement and gears. Based on how a mechanical movement works, energy is transferred through a series of gears and the pallet fork to the balance wheel and hair spring, which move the hands of the watch. More on that process here. The display of this process is partly where the name “open heart” came from, since the back and forth swing mimics that of a beating heart!

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