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The New ET0T Version 2 is Here!

The ET0T Version 2 is back, and this time in its third edition. To some, the differences between the previous edition and this one aren’t obvious; however a closer look reveals a list of notable design changes. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new: - Color choices: The new Version 2 are offered in a deep navy and chocolate brown. The navy is downright stunning, and the chocolate and rose colorway is classic in its own right. - Each leather strap that comes with the watch is the same color! Blue Orient straps are quite uncommon, and with the new Version2 is matte, which doesn’t detract from the beauty of the dial. - The hands and Roman numerals are different—the Roman numerals are larger than in the previous version while the watch hand set has been tweaked a bit. Both are made from a glossy white material, which make them pop immediately on the dial. - The date indicator has been moved from the left to the right side. - The circles above each hour marker are now a stainless steel spheres. - The detailing surrounding each subdial and around the dial now sports a “coin-edged” design. The new ET0T sports the same in-house caliber 46B46 movement, presented through an exhibition case back. The case diameter is the same in addition to its curved sapphire crystal. While similar to the previous model, this new model is a refined timepiece that will draw attention at the office and look sharp during date night.

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