The M-Force Is BACK

This year marks the return of a perpetual fan favorite - the highly regarded M-Force. This new M-Force AC0L line retains many of the same features of earlier generations, such as the M-Force Beast, while still introducing the latest in industrial design trends. Tough, functional, and distinctive, the M-Force captured the hearts of Orient fans the world over from its initial run (1997-2002) to its second-generation release (2011-2015), and it’s back again with a new logo and typography to remind the public why it was such a favorite for so many years.

Curious about the “M” in M-Force? It stands for 3 major things:

1) Mechanical - a watch that keeps time without batteries or solar power.

2) Massive - a durable watch equipped with shock-resistant exterior and internal structures.

3) Maverick - for its original design that is both refined and daringly different.

ISO-certified, hand-winding, and hacking, the new M-Force AC0L series is a “force” to be reckoned with, pursuing the functionality that is expected of a 200m air diver’s watch while featuring the modified in-house caliber F6727 movement. New for this line is a tough case protection shield with a round form which protects the screw-down crown and bezel from external pressure or shock. The links are arranged at a shorter pitch to provide superior wrist comfort. Solid end links, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, and strong lugs that integrate seamlessly into the case make for a sturdy powerhouse. Embossed indices coated with bright lume ensure excellent visibility and an almost three-dimensional look. The new M-Force AC0L series is an essential item for anyone who enjoys playing rough, heading out to the ocean for a dive, or going off-road for that next adventure.

In addition to the classic black dial and bezel setup, the new M-Force is also available in renowned Orient colorways such as a red dial with a black bezel, a black dial with a matching black PVD case, and a green gradation dial with a black bezel. To top it all off, a commemorative, limited edition 70th Anniversary model of just 1600 pieces was created. This model has a gold gradation dial and bronze colored case to provide that unique vintage touch to the newest and most improved M-Force line yet. The classic black and the red colorways each come on a stainless steel bracelet while the all-black, green, and gold versions each come on a durable and expanding silicon band which is perfect for divers.

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