The FFD0J004W0 Curator, now in White

Last week, we introduced the newest collection to the Orient Executive line, the Orient Curator. This week, we’re releasing another watch from that line, the FFD0J004W0. It’s very similar to last week’s FFD0J003A0, except with a white dial.

While the FFD0J003A0 had a grey dial, which was more subtle, the FFD0J004W0 has a bright, elegant dial which is brought on by the beautiful contrast. The white dial screams dressy and classy, and it really makes the watch glow, even more so in the sunlight. The polished stainless steel case really works well with the color in the dial and completes the classic look. The brushed, lifted stainless steel hour markers create a stark, even regal contrast from the white dial. As mentioned before, the brushed stainless steel markers and hands are very unique to the Curator line and is really what sets it apart from Orient releases of the past. The case size measures at 41mm and is only 11mm thick. Lug to lug, its 45.5mm, so its not too big. The FFD0J004W0 possess the same leather band as the previously reviewed model. The matte black crocodile print is very comfortable and looks great paired with the white dial.

Compared to the FFD0J003A0, the new Curator model is brighter and more prominent. If you’re looking for something more bold, we’d recommend the FFD0J004W0 in white. Priced at $415 for the FFD0J004W0 ($290 after using code ‘summer2013’ at check out), the Curator comes at an incredible bargain. We only received a hand full of this particular color, so grab them while you can!


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