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The Automatic Sports Watch - Running as Long as You Do

All but one of the states in this country have an obesity rate of over 20%. I blame the fact that few people look good while working out. You're all sweaty, you gotta wear those short shorts, and when has anyone outside of a drummer from the 1980's looked good in a headband? Well here's a way to look good when you're gasping and checking your pulse to see if your next stop should be the emergency room: an automatic sports watch.


An automatic watch is a step up from a standard quartz powered watch. Professional Jeweler Magazine, in an article about the differences between quartz and automatic watches opined, "Quartz watches dominate the market. But some watch purists might consider only a hand-wound or automatic watch – the self-winding variety – as the "genuine article."" Automatic watches are powered by a spring that winds with the natural movement of the wearer's arm. It takes time and an unbelievably still hand to make these. There's a great video featured on the Orient Watch USA website showing just how all the little pieces are put together.

Here are some watches that can make a statement even as you're on the run.

Orient Racing Automatic CFT00004B ($419 on Amazon.com)

Now this is really something. A watch with a slide rule. It can be a little confusing but now when you race across the US/Canadian border, you'll be able to convert miles to kilometers without even looking at your speedometer! (Authors note: don't adjust your slide rule while driving. Pay attention to your speedometer. Visit Canada because it's awesome.) You can see the inner workings of the watch on both the face and back sides, giving it a smart, futuristic gear head look. A review from watchreport.com says, "This is a pretty slick little timepiece that really starts to grow on you...I love the size and polish of the case, and the open heart dial adds some class and uniqueness."

Looking for a cheaper Orient? Try the 2ER00004D. With a 100m water resistance and the tempting price of $180.00, you can't go wrong.


Anne Klein Women's Automatic Blue Sport ($150 on Amazon.com)

Ladies, fret not. Though the world of watches is usually reserved for those with a Y chromosome, you too can get in on the automatic sporty combo action. Hannah Golofski, who later became Anne Klein, was a pioneer in women's fashion and her name lives on after her early death. The Automatic Blue Sport is at the higher end of the Anne Klein watch family but looks well worth the green. Its face completely exposes the automatic inner workings, and the band is rubber with with a buckle clasp.


Montblanc Sport Chronograph ($2700 on Orolus.com)

A name synonymous with luxury, this watch has most of the characteristics of a diver watch such as long lasting illumination and a unidirectional bezel; but it is not a certified diving watch. There are several varieties of this watch with straps and faces of every kind. The Pilot version features three sub-dials: a 30-minute counter at noon, a 12-hour counter at 6 o'clock, and a 60-second counter at 9 o'clock.


Three automatic sports watches that, as long as you keep running, so will they. Do you want that cute guy/gal who runs past you in the park to slow down and notice? Get one of these and show the world that any $20 piece of plastic just won't do.

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