Talking with Oliver Chapoy!

You're a musician and multi-instrumentalist, do you find that keeping time and rhythm come naturally to you? Absolutely. Although, I began studying music at such an early age, who knows if it was natural or from practice. I’d like to think it came naturally.

How is time important when you're in the studio or writing songs? Very important. From putting aside the time to work, to deadlines, to the length of a track, to the timing of every transient as time scrubs through the track.

What is keeping time like when you're on tour? Lots of alarm clocks.

Where is the most beautiful place you've ever been? There’s so many amazing places on our planet, but i’m going to have to say Japan.

What's your favorite song of the moment and why? Jai Rama Chandra by Alice Coltrane. I’m a huge Alice Coltrane fan and recently discovered this cassette only released in 1982 called "Turya Sings." I couldn’t believe it was her at first; A of bed strings, synths, while she pulls over blissful veils of Vedic chants into your ears. Very calming and meditative. Much like her early harp works, but…you know…way more psychedelic new age.

Which is your favorite watch? I LOVE the ET0T. Such a classic look, yet still modern! And the sun, moon, and stars dial for the A.M./P.M. notification is gorgeous.

What is the one piece of style advice you can give to any person on the planet? LIVE. Do what you can, while you can. Never settle for mediocracy!

If you could go back in time, where and when would you go and why? Honestly, no where. I’d rather be here now. But I would love to have seen what my family was like when they were still in France 150 years ago, or what it was like to be a part of the music scene when i was just a baby in the late 70’s! Oliver lives in the lovely city of Brooklyn, NY. You might recognize him from his time playing in bands - Shai Hulud (in the late 90’s) to Saxon Shore and Warm Ghost. He currently performs solo under the name, Certain Creatures (Styles Upon Styles) and recently co-produced the new record by Black Rain (Blackest Ever Black). Follow him on: Twitter @oliverchapoy  Facebook /CertainCreatures Instagram @acertaincreature and Soundcloud

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