Talking with Eric Longden!

You started out shooting skate videos, right? Tell us about what makes that such an interesting way to start! 

The whole process of filming your buddy trying a trick for hours and having to film every attempt perfect because you don’t know when he is going to land it. Going home and watching the footage, analyzing every frame, and thinking of creative ways to film better for next time. I think going through that process every day for 10 years really shaped the way that I shoot.

What did you think you were going to do growing up? 

I was really into drawing and architecture as a kid. If the whole skateboard thing didn’t work out, I wanted to be an Architect.

Was how you became interested in shooting and directing? Can you elaborate? 

When I was 18 years old I broke my ankle, so that put an end to my skateboard career. I still wanted to hang out with my friends when they skated, so I bought some used crappy mini-dv camera with a wide-angle lens duct-taped on and started making skate videos of my friends. I just enjoy the creative process of turning an idea into a finished product.

What was the most interesting experience you've had while doing your job?

Being on set for the Lakai’s Fully Flared intro. Google it.

Where's the most beautiful place you've ever been? 

The Caribbean for sure. It’s too bad I wasn’t a surf filmer.

What's the one piece of style advice you can give you anyone, anywhere in the world? 

Whatever your style is, it doesn’t matter what your wearing but whatever it is, be confident in it.

Talk about the watch you got, why did you pick it?

I picked the Symphony, it's an automatic with black leather band. It’s simple and clean, lightweight and looks classy.

What is something the public would never guess about you? 

I can still skate.

If you could go anywhere, any time - where would you go and why? 

I’d travel 10 years into the future and use the newest cameras. I’m addicted to the latest and greatest technologies.

Eric Longden is a filmmaker based in Southern California. He creates visuals from start to finish and bring peoples' visions to life. Eric has shot some of the most interesting figures in the media  - Lana Del ReyAriana GrandeJustin Bieber, and Kendrick Lamar - to name a few. He's also shot for ComplexLevi'sPepsiChevySupra... and Orient! You can follow him @ericlongden and catch up with his work at

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