Summer Blues: Top Models that Sport the Beautiful Hue

Orient Watch is known for many things: manufacturing its own movements, reliability out of the box, and providing an incredible value proposition. But we’re also known for how well we “do blue”, especially blue dials. Whether its blue watches, blue hands, or even blue straps, we treat this beautiful shade with the attention that it deserves. Here are a few of our most popular styles:

AA02 – If you thought that the AA02 series was popular, the Blue AA02 has a following all its own. The sunburst effect on the dial alternates between dark and metallic navy, while the matte blue bezel insert provides a much needed dull contrast.

2nd Generation RA-AG00 – The new RA-AG00 features a similar sunburst effect, except with a deeper metallic blue. It looks different at a variety of viewing angles, and the way that it dances in the sunlight is a sight to be seen.

AC08 Version 4 – When first released, it was standout among other contemporary classic models, especially because of its unique dial. This stunning gradient moves from cobalt to a dark midnight blue, which is contrasted by polished silver hands and markers.

RA-AP00 Open Heart – Sunburst dials are great to add shine and gradient to a dial, but if you’re looking for something simpler, the matte navy blue dial on the new RA-AP00 Open Heart is the answer. It also comes equipped with a matching navy blue strap.

AK00 Version 3 – When it comes to functionality, you can’t overlook the AK00. This example is wrapped in a warm midnight blue that shines with help of a sunburst dial. The signature night and day display features shades of baby blue and navy as well.

Orient Star Classic – We couldn’t talk about blue dials without mentioning blue hands, which have been found on a number of watches in our collection. This Orient Star Classic features a stunning set of metallic hands, which gleam in the light and in the dark.

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