Style Watch: Modern

Modern style watches look great on everybody,  which is why they make such great gifts! Modern watches feature clean and elegant designs. This sophisticated style is best suited for a professional setting or a special event. Imagine yourself walking into a swanky dinner party or gallery opening in one of these Orient Men’s modern watches.

Class – This watch is as simple as they come. This watch has a Bauhaus style that would make a perfect gift for anyone. It is a quartz watch with stainless steel casing and comes in three variations. This watch does not have indices,  which creates a crisp blank slate that will elevate any outfit. This watch retails for $185.

ModeID – This watch has a semi skeleton design,  which really gives the modern style a twist. The dial of this watch features roman numerals against a matte finish giving the watch a stylish two tone sheen. This watch retails for $500 and comes in two variations.

Judicial – This quartz watch has a large 43mm case,  which highlights its unique features. The watch has a dome crystal and large indices on the dial that enhance its modern design. This watch has three variations,  including gold accents,  and retails for $205.

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