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Style Watch - El Cheapo

I chat with people about their watches frequently and I've been noticing an alarming trend: cheap, junky watches!   I actually met a financial investor who was wearing an abomination of a watch, so I asked him why?  His excuse: laziness.

C’mon people!  Get on the Internet for a few minutes instead of snagging the discounted watch at the department store.  Let’s be honest, not all of us are dropping big money on watches.  And why should we when Orient offers high quality watch craftsmanship and style!?

Here are a few Orient watches we’ve picked out that will more than make the cut in your budget:

Orient Sub is a quartz diver watch that is water resistant up to 200 meters, priced at only $135.

Gedaliah is an automatic/mechanical watch featuring day/date display at only $160.

Borough is a very modern day watch with an automatic movement and eight different colors to choose from starting at only $145.

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