Style Watch - Chronograph

There are all kinds of ‘add-ons’ or features that elevate the craftsmanship of a watch – chronographs are one of those features. A chronograph is a specific type of watch that is used as a stopwatch combined with a display watch. This feature is imbedded in many Orient watches – let’s take a closer look!

The Enterprise is a great example of the many quartz watches that features a chronograph. This contemporary design has a time-tested reliability and a sleek style. Another chronograph watch by Orient is the Legislator,  which also features a titanium case. This sharp watch functions like a tachometer with luminescent hands and alarm hands. The General is another great example and also features a sapphire crystal. This piece has an excellent blend of rugged looks and functionality.

Orient chronograph watches vary in style and shape but consistently deliver accuracy and timeless sophistication.

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