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Orient’s website features in depth descriptions of its amazing products. We try to bring as much clarity as possible when it comes to the functionality and design of our watches. One major player in making this happen is Mark Kim,  the owner operator of Mark has been involved in the horology industry for most of his life. Raised in Hong Kong,  Mark learned most of his industry knowledge from his father,  who owned and operated a watch assembly factory with 600 employees.

Mark shares that as a child he was constantly around factories,  learning about watches with an insider view. “Although I don’t have official training in watch making,  passion cannot be taught. My father was instrumental in my understanding of watch sales and production,”  he said. Mark is the voice behind the videos on the website that visually display the many aspects of featured watches. His expertise and passion for watches drives Orient as an international brand.

Mark joined Orient’s USA distribution after his undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. For watch reviews from Mark,  check out the Orient Watch USA YouTube Page, and be sure to follow Mark on Twitter.

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