Springtime Picks: Our Top 5

With spring in full swing, we wanted to provide a glimpse of which watches you’d see us wearing this season. How do we judge a spring watch? It’s easy: design simplicity, crisp color, and above all, ample water resistance to tackle those spring showers. (From left to right)

2nd Generation AC00 Version 3 – Though fresh off the press, the new rendition of the AC00 Version 3 is undoubtedly a top spring choice, especially with its modern design and bevy of handsome colorways.

Starfish – The casual watch at its absolute finest. The Starfish features the functionality and reliability to be the watch that you put on your wrist every day. And its 50m water resistance will withstand more than just a light sprinkle.

DB08 – Known for its incredible color contrast and endless intrigue, the Esteem is the kind of watch that you’ll catch yourself staring at. It’s a great conversation starter since it provides a glimpse at the inner workings of our famed mechanical movement.

Monarch – As an ode to the vintage classics, the Monarch is the only wristwatch in our collection that can only be manually wound. The retro numbering and lustrous gold case really bolster the antique look and style.

Sentry – Part sport watch, part classic timepiece, the Sentry takes the best from both worlds. It’s incredibly clean design makes it so easy to wear, while its tried and true automatic movement will keep you on time.

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