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Occasionally we receive emails from happy customers, or even emails from people who want to share hyperlinks of someone else's positive review. We love getting them so much, and we'd love to share them with you!

Downonpeepee on IMGUR/Reddit (sweet handle, by the way!) posted some photos of an unboxing of his package that he received from us:

"Directly ordered off the Orient Watches website ( and used the promo code "Summer 2012." Shipping took a week (7 calendar days). As advertised I received a 30% discount, free watch, lanyard, calendar, and Orient product guide. Total cost was $172 with shipping."


Opened the shipping box

Lanyard in wrapping

Next in the box was the product guide

Table of contents for product guide

Cover of calendar, unwrapped

Finally, the watches

White Orient box with the "free" watch and receipt attached

Here is a view of the free watch

Looks nice on the wrist - The watch is a solid feel and the leather is nice. It is a quartz movement, but it still looks pretty classy and I will certainly wear it to work.

Finally unpacking the main product

Opening the watch box  - kind of looks black in the picture, but I assure you it is blue and quite nice. Picture doesn't do it justice.

The entire package


Thanks for sharing, Downonpeepee!


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