Review of the Orient CFM00001B (Planet Orient)

I had been researching watches for the better part of 4 months, trying to determine the perfect watch for me to express my horological affinities. Sifting through "big brand" watches that show the world its wearer is a slave to trends, I came across a review of the Planet Orient. After further research, and the desire for something unique yet classic, I decided an Orient watch would be the next timepiece to grace my wrist.

My Orient

Picture of my Planet Orient having a relaxing day at the office.

Upon receipt of my new watch I was blown away at how refined the face looked. From the power reserve meter to the etched bezel numerals, everything on this watch was like nothing I had ever seen before. All while remaining extremely distinguished and timeless, no pun intended. The balance and feel of the watch are a perfect fit for any wrist, not too heavy or large-faced, and not too small or lightweight. The way this watch sits on my wrist makes it unnoticeably comfortable yet makes me feel off-keel whenever I am not wearing it. Making me want to wear it at all times, a fine attribute for any watch to aspire to.

The real attributes in this watch are in the details, the numerals are easily read and the orange hands form a stark contrast against the black face that makes the dial really pop out. The power reserve and date function are not only attractive, but extremely reliable, and under very silent circumstances the watches' automatic movement and continuous ticking sound like a symphony orchestra. If you can take your eyes away from the dial for a few seconds you will notice a substantial bracelet with the perfect pattern of brushed and glossy stainless steel, not flashy, just right. Turn the Planet Orient over and you will see the window into the heart of the timepiece showing you the inner workings of the automatic movement, a real conversation starter.

I have received nothing but the highest compliments regarding my Orient, which I don as an everyday watch, formal watch, and sporting watch. Orient has won over this watch aficionado, as I will surely invest in my next timepiece with a company that utilizes in-house movements, classic detailing and design, and an overall proof of good taste in watch design.

Thank you Orient Watch USA,

Steve Olson

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