The Retro Two-Hander: Say Hello to the Palmer Collection!

Everyone has their idea of a weekend watch—you know, the kind of watch that’s easy to wear, the one you throw on before a trip to the grocery store or joyride. You put it on, and you don’t have to think about it afterward; It’s a casual piece that’s not too flashy, but classy enough to draw attention from the right people. The new Palmer collection is that watch, one that seems to be low profile at first, but discovered to be sophisticated and unique after a second look.

The Palmer is designed with a certain 1970’s flair, evidenced by its shrouded lugs and angular design. The dial features a prominent sunburst, and along with the polished stainless steel hardware, catches the light in the most attractive way. The vintage character of the watch is exhibited in other ways as well, including the circular indentation around the middle of the dial, the broad arrow hands, and the fact that this is watch only has two hands, which is uncommon in our collection and in watches today. It is definitely an ode to a laid back era.

The Palmer watch is presented at a perfect 39mm and is only 6.85mm thin, making it a watch that you’ll forget about due to its weightlessness. A scratch resistant sapphire crystal was employed to protect the dial from the top end. The ‘70s era design is set off by the aforementioned shrouded lugs as well as all the angles in the case. The Palmer is offered in both black and white dials, on a black leather strap or super comfortable stainless steel mesh (white dial only). The Palmer starts at just $205.

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