Own a Piece of Orient History, Pt. X

Orient Watch has been in existence for over 65 years and has since developed a rich history as a manufacturer and developer of the mechanical movement. Every week on our blog we will be re-releasing vintage watches from our past. Some were released just two years ago, and others in excess of twenty. Regardless, they’re going to be available in extremely low quantities, and once they’re gone, there is a high chance that they may be gone forever. While some of the watches may feature a few minor scratches (they may be over ten years old, after all) all of the watches will be in brand new, unworn condition. Additionally, select pieces may come with their original gift box (while supplies last) and warranty. View last week’s lot here. The Tri-Star Line Often referred to as the “Tri-Star” or “Three Star” line, these watches are characterized by having a three-starred logo on the dial. This collection has a rich history which dates back to the mid-1960s, where it was first seen on diver models like the 1965 King Diver 1000 (where “1000” stood for 1000m of water resistance). From then on, this three-star logo would adorn King Divers for many years later in the ‘70s and until they were discontinued in the ‘80s. Outside of the King Divers, the three-star logo would be featured on other sporty and casual models for both men and women. In fact, some of these models are currently still in production and are sold worldwide. While it is impossible to date the year in which the following models were manufactured, we are certain that they are from the early to mid 2000s. Shop the full collection here.    


Missed our previous lots? Here’s what’s still available:

                      CNRAF001B0 & CNRAF001W0 Well this is something you don’t see every day! First released in the early 2000s, they were among the first round-faced watches by Orient to be built into a rectangular case. They are fully automatic and feature an integrated bracelet. Power Reserve I (CEX0G003D0 & CEX0G003W0) This collection was released around 2001. Although it may sport the standard power reserve and date combo, its stylistic nuances make it far from pedestrian. The dial features a guilloche-styled pattern, while the bezel is embellished with a contrasting finish of brushed and polished stainless steel. Power Reserve III (CEX0H003B0, CEX0H003D0, CEX0H003W0) This collection was released around 2001. It features a thick, polished bezel which is very reminiscent of watches from the 70’s and late 80’s. It sports a power reserve indicator and a stylized date window, which is square but within a circular frame. Power Reserve II (CEX0A002W0, CEX0A003D0, CEX0A003W0) This collection was released around 2002. The dial features a sun burst pattern at center, a concentric design around the hour markers, and a guilloche-styled print at the power reserve indicator.                      Power Reserve Tonneau Watch (CEZAB005B0 & CEZAB005W0) This tonneau-shaped piece was first made available around 2003 and is one of most interesting pieces we’ve ever released. Along with a power reserve indicator and date, it features a small-seconds register. It is available in both black and white dial variations.

EM65 (FEM65001MW) The EM65 was first released in the winter of 2004 and quickly became a fan favorite, not just because of its robust features, but because of its extremely versatile design that made it easy to wear with almost anything. Pastel This cushion-cased collection was first released in 2004 in a limited number, and is among one of the few non-tri-star ladies collections to be equipped with a mesh bracelet. This collection features bright pastel dials which are offset by stainless steel markers. An exhibition case back reveals our caliber 55743 automatic movement. Prince (CFDAA003B0 & CFDAA003D0) The Prince in black is a watch that has been around since 2004, but have you seen it in blue? Orient Watch has been known for its vibrant blue dials, and the model in dark navy is as rare as they come. The Prince comes equipped with a unique bracelet as well, a stainless steel band with a mesh-like accent. M-Force Lion (CEX0F002B0 & CEX0F002D0) This M-Force model was released around 2007, and was later bestowed the “Lion” nickname by the community. It features a date and power reserve display as well as an eye-popping orange seconds hand for improved legibility. It also comes equipped with Orient’s four-piece shock reducing casing system. Retro-Future Motorcycle (WZ0251FH) In the mid-2000s, the Retro-Future Collection was introduced under the Orient Star umbrella. It sought to personify everyday mechanical objects in wristwatch form. This model was released around 2007, and takes design cues from classic motorcycles. Flor The Flor collection gets its name from the delicate print around the edges of the dial, each petal segmented by a gold pip. Originally released in 2007 as a part of the Tri-Star collection, it’s definitely a unique piece especially because of its thick, angled sandwich case. Sightseer World Time (CEY04004B0) The Sightseer World Time was amongst the first in our collection to incorporate several sub-registers-- in this case, a power reserve indicator, date, and small seconds. This model sports a classic black and white colorway and a deployant leather strap. It was first released in 2008.                      Retro-Future Airplane (YFH04001D0 & YFH04001M0) This model was introduced around 2009 and takes design inspiration from classic airplanes. You’ll notice that the power reserve indicator is shown in the form of a fuel gauge, while the broad-shaped hands mimic its front propellers. FEM6500AM9FEM65009DW The EM65 came later, and was introduced around 2010. It soon became the perfect alternative to the EM65, with its classic diver design delivering a model that could be further dressed up or down. Along with the EM65, the EM65 was upgraded to its second generation. Dignitary (FETAF004W0) When we first released the Dignitary back in 2013, the response was overwhelming. It was one the first square watches that we released that was equipped with a day, date, and 24 hour sub dial. This particular model features a pearlescent white dial with bright cobalt hands. LSZ37001G0 This is an early lady’s Tri-Star model with a fluted bezel and a truly unique concentric dial. Please note that while the movement of the piece is quartz, it does feature a sapphire crystal.

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