Our Top Five Summer Watches!

Most of us are more active in the summer months, and you might wonder which watch can take all that action! We've heard your cry: Here's 5 automatic watches that will help you look sharp while you stay active in the sun. (From left to right): 

Nylon Pilot's Watch – Rugged with a bright lume, our Pilot's Watch has a new look with its durable nylon strap.

ER24 V3 – A great lightweight option for those summer nights, like the Duke.

EM65 USA – Decked out to be your all-purpose watch, summer is no exception. Equipped with a sapphire crystal, solid endlinks, and better lume, its prepared for wear - night and day!

Duke – An easy-to-read timepiece with clean and sleek features that wears a little bigger on the wrist.

EM65 Rubber – A solid diver. Its clean dial and comfortable rubber strap make it perfect for swimming and relaxing by the water.

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