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Orient Star

Two of our favorite watches are currently being featured on OrientWatchUSA.com - Star Seeker and Camera. Both watches are a part of the Orient Star line and offer the latest Orient mechanical technology to create true GMT. Both watches offer sleek elegance and a classic style – which one suits you best?

  • Star Seeker – This classic automatic watch is perfect for work and travel. Choose from a crisp white or sleek black dial to complement the solid stainless steel band. This watch retails for $1,100.
  • Camera – This model has a black face and high quality urethane band that make it a trendy yet sophisticated timepiece. It's cased in stainless steel and is water resistant up to 100m. This watch retails for $850.

Whichever you prefer,  Orient Star watches provide the perfect combination of classic design and innovative craftsmanship.

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