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Orient Aviator: A Customer Review

A couple weeks ago, we took a close look at the Orient Aviator watches. In response, we received a watch review from a very happy customer. It's shared here.

I bought this watch a few months ago and it has become my favorite watch. The one with the white dial is luminous and lights up at night very bright as well as the hands and was brighter than I had expected.

What surprised me the most was the watches ability to keep time. I was told that these watches are not very accurate and that they are only accurate within 30 seconds a day fast or 15 seconds a day slow. Well, I can tell you that my watch is so accurate that I can hardly tell that it is running slightly slow. I would say that my watch runs about 2 seconds slow every day, and I am not exaggerating. Although I was told that the Orient watches were accurate I never thought that they were this accurate. I cannot say that your watch will be this accurate, but I own 3 Orient Watches, and they are all extremely accurate within a few seconds a day.

This watch is also very easy to read with the large Arabic numbers and the easy to see marks between so you can easily see the minutes. Buy this watch and you’ll be very happy that you did. Cheers!

What do you think of the Orient Aviator watches? Leave a reply or a review of your own below or at Orient Watch USA!

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