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Now On Bracelet - The Orient Class GW01005B and GW01006W

FGW01006W0 Class.Still016Yesterday we covered the GW0100AW and GW01009B, which came on a leather strap. Today, we're releasing the GW01005B and GW01006W which include a stainless steel bracelet.

The Class was created by Orient Watch to be simple, sophisticated and elegant; a watch meant for dress and formal occasions. And that begins with the movement inside the watch, the quartz caliber JP600. The JP600 elegantly indicates the time by using only 2 unlumed dauphine hands. Removing the seconds hand is a superb design element, this allows the dial to remain uncluttered and clean. In formal occasions, a watch needs to remain reserved and not overly complicated with extraneous functions. Orient went further into traditional styling by adding a light stripping on the inner dial. Just enough to add visual interest without being overbearing or showy. The single complication which has been added was the date functionality. A small date window has been placed at the 6 o’clock position, keeping the dial visually symmetrical and well balanced.

Measuring at 38mm in diameter and a very thin 7.25mm thick, as previously mentioned, you’ll quickly forget you are wearing the Class. And that’s the beauty of the this watch, its lightweight, thin profile quickly slips under a shirt cuff; until you need it. Unlike a clunky watch which tugs at the shirt cuff and draws unwanted attention, the Class will never look out of place in white tie, black tie, or paired with a simple suit. Topped off with a sapphire crystal, you don’t need to worry about nicking the crystal each time you slip it out from under your cuff. Lastly the clean lines and design are carried onto the polished stainless steel bracelet with a butterfly clasp has been used to secure the watch to your wrist. Whether a conservative look is desired in the black dial version (FGW01005B0) or perhaps a touch of casual with the white dial (FGW01006W0), with the Class on your wrist you’ll always look great.

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