Now Boarding: The Orient Conductor FFM01002B FM01002B in Black!

FFM01002B0 Conductor.Still008Earlier this month we introduced the Orient Conductor in white. It was very well received, and so today we’re equally excited to showcase the Orient Conductor FFM01002B0, in black. While its white dial counterpart was a bit sportier, this new black dialed version tilts more on the dressy side (but is versatile nonetheless).

The FFM01002B Conductor may have been placed in the sport collection, but a part of it wants to climb into the executive section as well. This is due in part to its lavish looks; the light sun burst dial (that looks matte at the same time) really highlights the elegant stainless steel accents. The hour markers are not flat, but plateau with a brushed metal finish at the top and shiny stainless steel running down the sides. The picket fence hands that we’re used to seeing have been embellished with a polished finish (that has lume) with a nice chamfer. The date and power reserve frames feature black numerals against a subtle concentric graining that is topped off with a polished stainless steel border. The culmination of all these stylistic cues increase the value of the watch, and make it appear more expensive than it actually costs. Think of it as a sportier version of the FD0F001B Vintage model.

The unique, handsome styling extends to the rest of watch as well, including the case. The sandwich case features a polished upper and lower with brushed sides. The lugs are brushed at the surface and at the sides. What’s amazing is that the movement is protected by a sapphire crystal and a 100m case (the crown is screwed down). Furthermore, the movement is fully dressed and viewable through the case back.

The Orient FFM01002B retails at $505. However, use code ‘allaboard’ through Sunday, February 2nd to purchase the Conductor for only $298!

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