New this week: The His and Her's Collection

Looking for a matching watch for your girlfriend or wife (or boyfriend or husband), but don’t want to be led on a wild hunt to find one? We want to make it easier for you! Orient Watch USA would like to introduce a new collection of watch pairs for you and your significant other. Let's take a look at the new His and Her's watches!


The first two pairs (FUND and FQBZ, the Joy collection) feature simple easy-to-read dials with classic Roman numerals at the twelve and six as well as a nifty date function. They house an extremely accurate Orient quartz movement. Additionally, the crystals on both the men’s and women’s pieces are a tough sapphire. Sapphire crystals are more durable than the more commonly used mineral crystal—they are scratch resistant which results in your watch looking fresh and new all the time. The men’s watch is approximately 40mm in diameter, which is about perfect and lies nicely on the wrist. The women’s watch is approximately 25mm in diameter. The watches come in both white and black dials which provide a classic look that should work for all occasions.


The second set of pairs (CUBBK and CUBBL, the Bliss collection) feature a more minimal, modernist look. With a square dial and a simple three hand design, the watches exude this kind of contemporary aesthetic not commonly seen in watches today. The dials are a deep black and feature gold hands as well as a gold square accent that adds a nice touch. The other pair offers additional gold styling at the top and bottom of the dial. Although the dial may seem pitched black, there are indeed light index markers that can be seen according to the amount of light present. Measuring in at 30mmx23mm for the men’s and 23.5mmx12.5mm in the women’s these watches are definitely smaller, but great if you’re looking for something that is low profile (as opposed to the larger more flashy ones).

In all, these watch pairs are perfect for you and your significant other. The Orient His and Her’s collection is a great, simple gift idea that you both will cherish.

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