More Monterey! The New FTT0V002W and FTT0V001B

FTT0V002W0 Monterey.Still006With spring in full swing and Easter right around the corner, we bet you need a watch to complement your Sunday best. And how about a watch that’ll take you through spring? That’s where the Orient Monterey collection comes in. A few months ago we debuted the FTT0V003B which was a black and stainless steel combination. Today we’re excited to share two new additions: the FTT0V002W0 and FTT0V0001B0, which are silver/gold tone and black/rose tone, respectively. And while the two boast the same overall design, it’s the little details that make them completely different.

The dial design of the Monterey features a classic look with a bit of a sporty flair. The polished hands and hour markers along with the domed crystal speak of a vintage influence while the tachymeter on the outside serves to dress it down. Not many dressy watches feature tachymeters, which makes the Monterey especially unique.

The FTT0V002W is embellished with a silver sun burst dial and gold tone accents. We love the use of silver because we’re too used to seeing white/gold combinations on classic styled watches. The silver also serves to really highlight all the features on the dial, especially the black hash marks and text. The accompanying brown strap and matching gold buckle really top off the look of this piece. It is arguably the most handsome quartz chronograph from Orient Watch, even in consideration of the other Monterey models. The FTT0V001B flourishes in a rose tone case. The dial is a matte black that does not subdue the polished markers and printed accents. The watch as a whole is very sleek. We feel that the FTT0V002W is more suited for a more casual outfit (we’re thinking a OCBD and shorts) while the FTT0V001B would look snug under a suit cuff. You couldn’t really go wrong with either!

The FTT0V002W (silver) retails for $320 and the FTT0V001B (black) retails for $325.

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